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If you live in Helsinki or have at least spent some time in Finland’s capital, you’ve most probably seen the city’s most famous statues, like the Equestrian statue of Marshal Mannerheim, Havis Amanda or the Sibelius Monument. But there are also countless lesser-known statues or public works of art in Helsinki, that you might not have found yet.

Appchieve is a mobile application, with which you can get to know your surroundings better and find new places or surprising attractions near you. The pinpoints on Appchieve’s map can be almost anything, anywhere in the world. By visiting the places marked on the map you will collect points and advance to higher levels in the game. In Helsinki, you can earn points by collecting statues and artworks that can be found under the Helsinki Statue Collector achievement bundle, for example. The bundle consists of over 80 public statues or artworks of which some are famous classics and others some hidden gems. We have chosen some of our favourites which might be not that well-known for many or which we otherwise find especially interesting.

Arabic Carpet

There has to be an Arabic carpet in Helsinki’s Arabia, right? So had at least interior decorator Elina Aalto thought, as she created the huge Arabic carpet that can be found in Arabianranta. Unlike carpets traditionally, this carpet is made out of tiles.

Arabic carpet

Everything is Possible

At Viikki campus of the University of Helsinki you can find Villu Jaanisoo’s environmental artwork “Everything is Possible”. This piece shows that everything really is possible, even a huge gorilla made out of used car tires.

Dinner Table

Matti Peltokangas’ work Dinner Table, which can be found at Helsinki’s Pitäjänmäki, really is a table sculpted out of stone. On top of the table, there are 12 polished plate-size circles, referring to the last supper. Next to the Dinner Table, there’s also an altar-like stone sculpture and together these pieces form a peaceful area, almost like a forest church.


Expectation is some three-meter expecting mother made out of bronze in Helsinki’s Park Kaivopuisto. Kesko Corporation has donated this piece sculpted by Pekka Jylhä for the city of Helsinki as a way of showing social responsibility for children, families, mothers and a safe future. The plan is to host some events by the statue every Mother’s Day. The statue is at its best in the evenings when the light shines though the figure’s “lace” dress.


Temple of Love

The Temple of Love, built by Bjarne Lönnroos, can be found at Park Kelkkapuisto in Kontula. The material of this piece is red granite and the temple is crowned by a heart cast in bronze. There are some love-related texts (in Finnish) engraved on each side of the temple… “You, my love, in my heart… Every day next to you…” Could it be that this is the most romantic artwork in Helsinki?


Omfalomiini is an interesting piece of art by Gun Holmström, located in Park Rekipellonpuisto in Helsinki’s Vesala, which combines sculpture and sound art. It’s made out of steel which beautifully reflects the surroundings, and inside the piece is an optical sound sensor which turns shadows and hands’ movements to sounds. This way also the spectator can take part in making art. In the dark the sculpture stays silent.

Bad Bad Boy

Okay, if you’ve visited Helsinki’s Kalasatama in the last years, you must have already seen this 8-meter sculpture resembling a boy peeing on the street. Anyhow, this peculiar piece by Tommi Toija must be one of the most special public artworks in Helsinki, and therefore it has also definitely earned its place on this list.

bad bad boy

You can get to know Helsinki’s public statues and artwork better by going on an adventure on the city’s streets with Appchieve. After you have downloaded the application on your mobile device, register as a user via this link. At the moment you can find Statue Collector achievement bundles also in other Finnish cities.

Which are your favourite public artworks in Helsinki or in Finland?

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