In June we have developed some new features for the Appchieve app, like the possibility to add stickers to the pictures and to share the pictures in social media. Also, the graphics have gone through some changes and dozens of new achievement have been added to the app. Besides all the work-related achievements, we have had time to achieve many other things, too.

The Helsinki Statue Collector achievement bundle, consisting of over 80 statues and public artworks, got completed this month. Some of our Helsinki-based team members have already gone for a statue hunt.

Expectation statue

empress's Stone Monument Lighthouseof the Eternal Fire Monument

sibelius monument

By visiting 27 islands in the Helsinki Archipelago the Appchieve user can earn the title of the Helsinki Island Hopper. Summer is great time for island hopping and our CEO Joonas has visited some of the islands this month.


By the way, island hopping was one of the things Joonas picked out of his Bucket List for this article, published in May. He also managed to complete another achievement from his summer’s bucket list by seeing his favourite band, Rammstein, perform live at Rock Fest in Vantaa.


Last weekend was Juhannus – the midsummer’s festival in Finland. Even though not all the members of Appchieve’s team live in Finland, we all took part in the celebration, in one way or another. Anyhow, none of us managed to earn the title of “Juhannusjuhlija” (a person who is celebrating Juhannus is Finnish). New try next year…




Summer is the perfect season for relaxing and in Appchieve also relaxing is seen as an achievement! Lying on the beach is one of the achievements on Appchieve’s Sunny Season category. Some of us were lucky enough to do it already in June, and hopefully, despite all the new ideas we want to put into effect and all the great achievements we are aiming to complete, we all will also find some time to relax on the beach in July. Or in the hammock – that’s another one of the summer’s more relaxed achievements.


Psst… In order to register to Appchieve, you will need an invitation. If you haven’t gotten any invitation yet, you can register through this link.

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