Have you already started to plan your summer holiday or your next big adventure? Appchieve is the perfect travel companion that is showing you the coolest places and motivating you to try new things and to achieve more and more, so make sure to take Appchieve with you on all of your journeys!

If you take a look at Appchieve’s map, you will probably notice that there are some points of interest near you, like famous landmarks, good restaurants, beautiful parks or even some hidden achievements. Move on the map or use the search function to see what kind of achievements can be found there where you are heading next! Besides the regular location based achievements on the map there are some special ones. Try becoming the Wonderful Achiever, for example, by visiting all the New 7 Wonders of the World (that are actually 8, because apparently choosing 7 was too hard).


Besides the location based achievements, there are hundreds of other achievements in the app that you can complete on a journey and verify in Appchieve to share them with your loved ones at home or the fellow travelers on the road – at the same time you will collect some experience points and advance to the higher levels!

Let’s start with the things you can achieve before even going on a holiday. Planning the holidays and packing your bags might be some things you have achieved already. If you are going to stay away for a longer time, are you going to throw a farewell party? That’s an awesome achievement as well!

Next question is: how are you going to get to your destination? Taking a long flight or spending a night on a bus are achievements, too, and so is traveling through Russia along the Trans-Siberian railway or driving a camper van!


Visiting a desert and riding a camel are great achievements.

The things you can achieve when you are actually on your holiday depend pretty much on the type of your holiday. If you are a very active person, maybe scuba diving with sharks, conquering a mountain or trying paragliding could be something for you? If you are going to enjoy life living in some bamboo hut on the beach, build some sandcastles, fetch a coconut from the tree or spend a night under the stars. We haven’t forgotten the people who are looking for some more luxury from their holidays either; you will earn a nice amount of points if you stay in a 5-star hotel, get a massage or eat in a fancy restaurant.


If you get to the top of a mountain, in addition to the great view, there’s a nice amount of points waiting for you.

No matter what your travel style is, one thing is for sure: It’s nice to try the local cuisine, pick up a few words of the language and to meet new people. These are all great achievements too, that can, of course, be found in Appchieve!

We think that you already got the hang of it: Where ever you go, what ever you do, you can achieve something! There are thousands of achievements in Appchieve waiting for you to complete them, whether you are currently on a holiday or living your day-to-day life at home! Turn your world into a game and start earning points and benefits out of all your achievements by downloading Appchieve (if you haven’t already)!

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