What is Appchieve?

The simplest way to define Appchieve is to tell that “we gamify the world through achievements” or that “life is a game”. But how did this all start? Joonas Griesinger, our CEO, started wondering why no-one had brought the same things to the real world that were present in gaming world already for a long time – achievements and rewards. Another thought that the young man had in mind was the dream of achieving as many things as possible in his life and telling about these achievements to his friends, but there was no medium existing particularly for this reason. Sure, there were different kinds of social media platforms where one could share nice pictures and videos or tell stories and see how people react to them. Still, wouldn’t it be great to have another way, besides the pictures and the videos, to “verify” that these things really have happened and that it would be easy for you and for others, also later on, to get back to these things. This is how Appchieve was born. The process of developing Appchieve has been indescribably wonderful and the journey continues… We have already brought the Android version to the market and not long until the iOS version will be out too!

Achievements and gamification

In the future I will be telling you more about achieving, gamification and the themes around these topics in our blog and in LinkedIN. Many interesting researches and experiments about these topics have been carried out, and I will dig deeper into them and inspect them in general level, as well as from Appchieve’s perspective. We want to take part in creating an inspiring world where achieving things truly matters. I hope that you will join our journey and at the same time “create the story of your life” or as we call it “play the game of your life.”

Last but not least, if you are not, yet, familiar with Appchieve, get to the Android Play Store (soon also found in Apple Store) and download our app to see what kind of wonderful things the world of achievements and gamification can bring you!

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