Appchieve is now live! Let us tell you why YOU should download this mobile application and take it as a part of your every day life, whether you are a person who wants to achieve great things in life or a company owner looking for new, innovative ways for gaining your customers’ commitment.

Appchieve for users

Appchieve is a mobile application through which you can verify the big and small achievements in your life from doing laundry, trying a new sport or visiting a famous landmark or a hidden park to climbing a mountain or getting married. For every achievement you complete you will earn points or benefits. As you achieve things and collect points, you will advance to higher levels, and the higher the level, the better benefits you can earn.

You can share your achievements with your friends and other like-minded people in Appchieve and compete with them on the weekly score board. As a user of Appchieve you will be a part of a community that will motivate you to achieve even more and more in your life!

Appchieve for Companies

For companies Appchieve offers a great solution for introducing themselves to new customers and for motivating the loyal customers to try new products or services and to visit more frequently. You can create achievements for the customers of your company, and as the customer completes achievements and collects experience points by using your services, he or she advances to higher levels – this way also the customer relationship can expand and gain higher levels.

Join us and start achieving by downloading the app! If you got interested in cooperation with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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