April’s been busy time for us at Appchieve and we have achieved a lot! Take a look at our this month’s highlights!

Most importantly, our CEO Joonas has been programming some new, awesome features to Appchieve, literally day and night. We’ll let you know more about the new features later, but for now, here’s our slightly tired CEO:

no sleep

Even though we all have been working hard, at Easter we took some time off to spend it with our nearest and dearest ones. There were several Easter achievements in Appchieve, so we all were busy anyhow.

Easter bunny

Is it Easter Bunny or our CMO Jan-Mikael?

egg hunt 2

What did he find there..?

Easter Feast

Joonas spent his holidays mostly eating…


…and was even brave enough to taste MÄMMI, the Finnish Easter delicacy (which tastes better than it looks)

office in morocco

Johanna, our content producer, took her office to Morocco.

egg hunt

Luckily Easter Bunny (or was it Jan-Mikael?) found its way also there!

mt toubkal

Johanna spent most of her Easter conquering the North Africa‘s highest peak, Mt. Toubkal.

Jan-Mikael has been meeting customers all over Finland and on the same go got to know our precious home country a little bit better and earned the explorer titles from Lahti, Kuopio, Hyvinkää and Helsinki!

kuopio helsinkiexplorer

And this week our team has been solving some Rubik‘s Cubes!

Rubik's cube

Joonas solved it!

Rubik's cube

Jan-Mikael solved it!

Rubik's cube

And Panu, our Junior Software Developer, solved his triple-cube in 2 minutes and 5 seconds. We think he‘s been secretly practising?!

The others are still working on their cubes…

Last but not least, we have had a great reason to celebrate this April… Our baby turned 1! Happy birthday dear Appchieve! So much has happened in one year…


Here were some of our April‘s achievements, and if you want to know more, download the app (if you haven’t already) and follow us in Appchieve!

Please, leave us a comment and tell us about YOUR greatest achievements in April!

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