Do you also have the feeling that the May passed super fast? We do, but as we looked back at the past month, we realised that we have achieved a lot again.

The month started with a celebration. The 1st of May is known as Vappu in Finland and it’s the holiday of students and workers, as well as the holiday of spring.


Our CMO Jan-Mikael wearing “ylioppilaslakki”, or a graduation cap, which is a traditional thing to do on Vappu.


Our Junior Web Developer Joel ate some funnel cake which is known as Tippaleipä in Finland.


And our CEO got to enjoy some Sima, a special drink you only get once a year.

After celebrating the students and workers we have celebrated the possibly most hardworking people and greatest achievers ever – the mothers in our lives! In Finland, like in many other countries, too, the Mother’s Day was celebrated on 14th of May.


Jan-Mikael baked with the kids.


And our Junior Software Developer Panu decided it’s better to let someone else do the baking.

May’s sunny days invited us all to achieve things outdoors. Jan-Mikael got to know the area where he is living better by using Appchieve’s map.


Our CEO Joonas spent some time in Riihimäki and become the Riihimäki statue collector.


Joonas also traveled to southern Germany where he explored the city of Kirchheim unter Teck with our graphic designer Daniel.

rathaus kirchheim

Our content producer Johanna left her home in Central Europe to visit Finland’s spring. She enjoyed the weather and the long nights so much that she decided even to sleep outdoors.


But despite the spring’s pleasant weather, we also had to spend some time indoors sitting in front of our televisions.

hockey3 hockeyeurovision

The best thing about May for our team was, anyhow, the fact that, for once, most of us happened to be in the same place at the same time and we got to spend a fun day together, trying out some of the achievements our partners have created…


Bowling at Arena Center Myllypuro


The winner was this mysterious person… Can you guess who it is?


Posing together with Säästöfantti piggy bank at Nooa Savings Bank in Itäkeskus.

Team lunch at K-Market Erottaja

Team lunch at K-Market Erottaja

Let’s see what the June brings for our team, but we are pretty sure that at least we won’t get bored – there are many new features in development again and the Sunny Season category is full of exciting, new achievements…

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