Swimming from Finland to Florida across the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean would have been an amazing achievement, but it didn’t happen… Instead, you just got April Fooled by Appchieve! But don’t worry, being the April Fool is actually an achievement, too – verify it in Appchieve to earn some points!

Now that you got the “April Fool” achievement done, it’s time to take care of another April Fool’s Day’s achievement. In order to complete that one and to become the “April Fooler”, you should make up a good hoax or play a practical joke on someone and make them the April Fool, too! If you need some inspiration for coming up with the perfect prank, take a look at some of the most legendary April Fool’s achievements:

Man flies by his own lung power

On April 1st, 1934, a German newspaper reported about a great new invention: a machine a man could fly with his own lung power. Attached to the article was a picture of a man flying with a strange looking machine while blowing into a pipe. This picture spread through an international photo agency and soon even the New York Times was telling about the miraculous machine, not knowing that it was actually just an April Fool’s hoax.

U.S astronauts have landed on Moon

This wouldn’t make a very good April Fools prank anymore, but in 1967, two years before the man really landed on Moon, it was a success. A Swiss radio station was interrupting its regular program to announce some breaking news: the U.S astronauts have just landed on the moon. They also told that the space craft would take off from the moon at 7 p.m. and that it would be possible to spot it from a high vantage point. In Zurich that meant that the nearby Mt. Uetliberg was completely crowded.

The 26-Day Marathon

On April first in 1981 the Daily Mail told about a Japanese long-distance runner Kimo Nakajimi who took part in the London Marathon and who, due to a translation error, instead of running 26 miles, thought he had to run for 26 days. The newspaper reported that at the very moment Mr. Nakajimi was still running determined to finish the race.

Penguins have learned to fly

On April Fool’s Day in 2008 the BBC announced that their camera crew has managed to capture footage about penguins that have learned to fly in order to spend their winters in the tropics. There was even a video attached, that soon became viral. See it yourself – would you have fallen for this hoax?

Inspired already? Go ahead and try to prank someone in order to achieve something and become the April Fooler! What will be your next achievement? Swimming across the Atlantic?

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