How many of the Blossoming Season’s achievements have you already completed? If you want to get them all done, you will be busy at Easter time! There are altogether seven Easter achievements included in the Blossoming Season and if you complete them all, you will get to spend a great Easter and on top of that you will earn the honourable title of the Spirit of Easter! If you haven’t downloaded Appchieve yet, do it now and start achieving – there’s still enough of time to complete all of the spring’s achievements!

The Easter achievements are all about traditions. You will get to act as Easter Bunny’s little helper, hunt some easter eggs and, of course, cook and eat some traditional Easter treats. But on top of that we want to encourage you to do the things that are especially traditional for you to do during this time. If you don’t have so many Easter traditions yourself or want to try something completely new, take a look at how people celebrate this holiday around the world:

In Finland the kids decorate willow twigs and dress up as little trulls on Palm Sunday, one week before the Easter Sunday. They then go door to door, offering the twigs accompanied by a little rhyme in exchange for candy and other treats.

In Poland a tradition called Smingus-Dyngus takes place on Easter Monday, during which boys throw buckets of water on other people. The legend has it, that the girls who get soaked by the boys will marry them within a year! Do you want to get married..?

If you are a big fan of omelettes, head to the town of Haux in southern France where a huge omelette is served in the town’s main square on Easter Monday. And by huge we really mean HUGE – this omelette, made out of 4500 eggs, feeds some 1000 people! Will you be one of them?

Easter is also celebrated on Bermuda, where the people spend days designing and decorating paper kites and finally take part in a big kite flying competition. This is actually something really nice to do and if you decide to do this one as your Easter tradition, you will also get the kite flying achievement done!

And this one is a really crazy one… Some of the inhabitants of the Papanga province in Philippines seem to take Easter almost too seriously and let other people, dressed up as Roman centurions, actually crucify them, meaning that they will get nails hammered through their palms and feet! Yikes! This is probably something that you DON’T want to do this Easter…

Try one of these traditions (except the last one maybe?) or celebrate the Easter just the way you want to in order to complete the “Easter Traditions” achievement!

Have a great Easter time filled with lovely people, chocolate eggs and awesome achievements!

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