The summer has arrived and even in Finland the sun is shining (at least sometimes) and the leaves are green! The beginning of summer means the beginning of the Sunny Season in Appchieve. The Sunny Season includes 40 achievements that will make sure that you are not going to have a boring day this summer.

What are your favourite things about summer? Lying on the beach, having fun with friends or doing some sports outdoors? You’ll find all this and much more in the Sunny Season category.

beach volley

Summer is great time for relaxing and in Appchieve also relaxing is seen as an achievement! Lie under the sun long enough to get a tan, read a book in a hammock, nap outdoors and forget which day it is.

Thanks to the Summer Gourmet achievements, you can achieve things by eating yummy food! Have a barbecue party, drink from a watermelon bowl, create a mouth-watering sundae or pick some berries and make a berry pie. Then you can burn some calories by doing sports: exercise on the beach or play summer olympic games with your friends, for example.



The summer and its long nights are great for having some adventures. Go on a spontaneous trip, take a boat ride, have fun at music festivals, go swimming with your clothes on, stay up until the sunrise. If you go on a camping trip, you can achieve many things, too. Already putting up the tent is totally an achievement!


It’s lovely when the sun is shining but there’s also something very special about summer rain. So, remember to enjoy also the rainy days. Let the summer rain soak you, chase the thunder and see a rainbow and you’ll collect some points in Appchieve at the same time.

See all the achievements in the Sunny Season category by logging in to Appchieve. If you manage to achieve them all before the end of August, you will earn the Summer Succeeder’s title and a special background picture for your profile page. If you haven’t downloaded Appchieve yet, do it now and you’ll have enough time to complete all summer’s achievements. For registration you’ll need an invitation and you’ll get it from here.

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