We made a decent first test with the new version in Savonlinna, and at the same time we noticed a few shortcomings and a bug in the application.

The most fun in making of Appchieve is when when we are doing by yourselves the achievements that we have created. That enthusiasm, feeling as if you are going to “a candy store” to buy some treats… You know that something great will happen soon, and that you can take a picture of your accomplishment and share it with friends and others.

We were visiting Savonlinna´s Olavinlinna castle. There one of our team members managed to achieve the first Olavinlinna achievement but the others couldn’t anymore due to a bug. That was, of course, unfortunate for those who did not receive the achievement, since we are not visiting Olavinlinna every day!

We got a nice picture of the achievement, which is attached. We ask patience and understanding from you if similar bugs still occur in the Beta. Please let them through to us in the application or here in the website.

Regards, the Appchieve team

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