We, Joonas, Daniel and Jan-Mikael, decided to do a large-scale testing day. To our delight, the weather was the most favourable for us to make our day trip to the Suomenlinna fortress. We had created a total of almost 20 achievements for the four islands there.

We arrived on a little bit different times there and unfortunately a part of the team didn’t get the first important achievement while arriving to Suomenlinna. Fortunately we were able to correct the situation later on.

Some of the achievements that we created were with pre-requisites of other achievements, and in addition the island has one hidden achievement. In Suomenlinna there are some achievements that need to be done in right order, so you have to achieve something before you are able to achieve something else. We had some difficulties with that because of some bugs. We went to eat as soon as we arrived to the Island, and so we messed up the order at first. Anyhow we were luckily able to correct this mistake later on.

It was a good thing, though, that we found some bugs along the way since we were then able to solve them. Now you have the opportunity to achieve Suomenlinna achievements in the correct order and to get all the fantastic titles.

Suomenlinna gate Suomenlinna Church

Results: Walking more than 10 kilometres and getting almost twenty achievements, a few hundred points, couple of titles and of course a good feeling for the whole team.

Now the autumn has just begun so there is still a plenty of time to achieve Suomenlinna achievements in a good weather. We can recommend that!

Appchieve team!

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