4 Productivity Apps To Gamify Your Life

Everybody likes challenges, and that is why we look out for the ones that can actually be beneficial for ourselves. When we set goals and work to accomplish them every day, things become more exciting as we move closer to our goals. Every small milestone motivates us to stick to our track and keep on pursuing our goals. Today, gaming companies have found a way to make our daily challenges even more interesting. By gamification, we can drive ourselves to be more productive. There are several apps that use gamification to create goals for us and keep us healthy and productive.

Todoist Karma

This unique application is an interesting task manager that gives out points on completing each task of the day. When the user completed all the tasks for the day, they win a karma point, and failing to complete all tasks will result in a karma loss. The user can set their own tasks in the app and then get alerts for doing them. The need to secure the most karma points can drive the players to finish all the tasks of the day.

Todoist Karma

Epic Win

Epic Win is a real-life RPG created for users who want to experience a productive day with super fun animations, characters, and artwork. The users can create their own tasks and set experience points against them. The players can also customize their characters with loot that they win for completing tasks. As you keep on completing the tasks, you can upgrade your character. This encourages players to upgrade their character to the best there is by completing their tasks.

Forest App

This app involves the user in growing a tree. The user can plant a seed and stay focused on their tasks for the tree to grow. As long as you keep the forest active on the screen, the tree will grow. However, if you put the app in the background and start checking your Instagram, the tree will stop growing. The users are also allowed to spend their virtual coins to help plant a real tree. This will motivate the users more to stay focused for longer and earn those virtual coins.

Forest App


Habitica is a real-life RPG game that is currently the best gamification app for users. It has over two million users playing the game. This completely open-source game lets players pick or create their characters. Using this character, the players can create their guilds where they team up with other players and defeat monsters around the city. For every task that you create, you will defeat a monster on completing it. You can customize your characters and go on self-made quests. You can also take help from other players to complete your task score to defeat the monster in case you fail to complete your objective on time.

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