We’ve got some exciting news! We have started a co-operation with our first partners, which means that besides our own achievements, you can now also find achievements from other companies in Appchieve! Our first partners are Arena Center, Leikkiluola and Nooa Säästöpankki.

Arena Center is all about sports and having fun! The three centers, located in Helsinki’s Hakaniemi, Myllypuro and Ruskeasuo, offer the perfect setting for sporty activities like bowling or playing floorball. Arena Center is also an excellent choice when you are looking for a place to throw an active birthday party, bachelor’s eve or your sports team’s sauna evening, for example.

The greater part of Arena Center’s achievements can be achieved at Arena Center Myllypuro where you can find the bowling alley. Try bowling there one time and you’ll get an achievement done. If you liked it, come again – the more often you visit, the more points you’ll earn! What do you think is the best thing you can achieve while bowling with your friends? Winning the game? Maybe! But we want to encourage you to have a great time with your friends and therefore you’ll also find achievements where, instead of competing against your friends, you should work together.


Glow Bowling at Arena Center Myllypuro

Leikkiluola is a part of Arena Center Hakaniemi but it has its own page in Appchieve. Leikkiluola means “Play Cave” and that’s exactly what it is: every kid’s dream place where they can play and romp about having fun with slides, ball pools, trampolines and much, much more. Take your child there and, besides making them really happy, you will have the opportunity to complete several achievements in Appchieve!



You’ll get your first Arena Center achievement done as soon as you set your foot in one of the Arena Center locations. Visit all three of them and you’ll earn even more points, of course!

Nooa Säästöpankki is a savings bank providing services and solutions based on customers’ individual needs. They know that sometimes it can be hard to make it to a bank during the opening hours, therefore Nooa Säästöpankki is offering a service where you can invite the banker to visit your home, your workplace, your favorite cafe or whichever place you feel comfortable in. You got it right – invite the banker for a visit and he or she will verify your achievement! By visiting Nooa Säästöpankki in Itäkeskus you can also get an achievement done – all you have to do is to take a selfie with their adorable piggy bank elephant! But in order to complete Nooa Säästöpankki’s first achievement, you don’t have to do anything else than click “follow” on their Appchieve profile!


Nooa’s banker visiting customer’s workplace

Our CMO Jan-Mikael posing with Säästöfantti

Our CMO Jan-Mikael posing with Säästöfantti

Log in to Appchieve to follow our first partners and to start achieving with them! As you’ve probably already noticed, everything from meeting a banker to arranging a birthday party for your child can be seen as an achievement, and that’s what Appchieve is all about!

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