The spring is finally here, at least if you ask us! The Frosty Season is over and the Blossoming Season with its countless achievements has arrived!

We have created a bunch of achievements especially for the spring. You can find them all under the title the Blossoming Season. Like all of the seasonal achievements in Appchieve, also this one is active for three months. If you manage to complete all the spring achievements during these three months, you will earn no less than 500 experience points (on top of all the experience points you will get from completing each individual achievement) and you’ll be crowned as the Spring Sprite!

The best thing about spring is, of course, the fact that it’s getting warm again, the sun is shining and the nature is awakening. Therefore, many of our spring’s achievements are to be done outdoors. Spot the first flowers and butterflies, tune up your bike and go for a ride, walk barefoot, start your own garden…

Anyhow, there are also achievements for the days when the weather is not that good and you don’t feel like going out… Like doing the spring cleaning, for example! We know, doesn’t sound like too much fun, but still, it has to be done! If you complete all the Spring Cleaning Achievements, you will earn altogether 100 points. Hopefully that’s enough of motivation for you..?

And talking about motivation, how many times have you promised to start exercising before the summer arrives, but the words never turned into actions? We have chosen some easy exercises for you to get started with, and hopefully by the time you have completed all the spring’s sport achievements, you have realized that doing sports is totally fun and the feeling afterwards is something you can’t achieve otherwise.

Most of the spring’s achievements will be active for the whole three months, but notice that the holiday achievements are available only for a shorter period. There are many holidays and festivals during the spring season, and celebrating some of them are also achievements included in the Blossoming Season. So, make sure that someone makes you the April Fool and remember to help the Easter Bunny!

From today on you can find the Blossoming Season achievement in Appchieve and the whole list of the sub-achievements you should complete in order to become the Spring Sprite. Hopefully you’ll manage to achieve everything on time, but don’t let your summer get ruined if you didn’t… You can try to complete the remaining achievements again next spring!

We wish you a fun and active spring filled with awesome achievements!

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