We started working with Lahden Messut exhibition organizer and the Viihdy Vapaalla expo already at spring, but as the summer came, there was a break in the arrangements and we could continue with this project just some weeks before the happening.

We heard that many 9th graders were about to come to the event and we wanted to create some fun achievements especially for them. Some of the ideas were so wild, though, that we decided not to implement all of them, and instead we created mostly achievements where the user had to read a code from a certain place. There were codes by the stands of different exhibitors, and the users also could get achievements related to the event from outside the event area: By visiting the Forever fitness centre the user could get a free entry to the happening and the EW Dive dive shop offered coffee and tea for the visitors. Everyone attending the “High Heel Run”, held at the event area, could get an achievement and there was also one hidden achievement in the exhibition hall. And, naturally, the users who came to meet us got an achievement from that too!

We ended up having our own stand at the Viihdy Vapaalla expo, but the idea of having one came up so late, that we didn’t have enough time to prepare all the materials the way we would have wanted them. Anyhow, we got some new users and in general the people were really interested in Appchieve.

Like the organizer of the happening, Pasi Rantanen from Lahden Messut, stated: “This is inspiring, and despite the fact that the time for organizing was short, we managed to create interesting achievements.”

All in all we learned a lot from the Viihdy Vapaalla expo. We achieved many things and the happening showed us that with good organizing and informing we are able to affect to the movement of the people visiting exhibitions and at the same time we can offer them great benefits and achievements!


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