What kind of things do you want to achieve in your life, or in other words, what do you want to get done before kicking the bucket? Making your own bucket list is a great way to keep track on these things and Appchieve is the perfect app for this purpose!

You can browse through the app and add all the things you are interested in to your bucket list. Of course, the best thing about achieving something great is that you have created some unforgettable memories and you can be really proud of yourself. But we think you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy telling about these great experiences to other people… In Appchieve you can easily share the things you have achieved accompanied by pictures with your friends, family and other like-minded people and thereby inspire each other to achieve even more and more.

Every time you verify an achievement in Appchieve, you earn some experience points. The greater the achievement, the greater the amount of points. At the same time you advance to higher levels. After adding 10 things on your bucket list you have already completed an achievement and earned your first points!

Here are 10 achievements our team members have added on their bucket lists:

Joonas, CEO

See Your Favourite Band

You just have to see your favourite band. I’ve seen it already and will see again this summer. My favourite band is Rammstein.


After 12 years of smoking, it would be good to leave this habit behind me!

The Helsinki Island Hopper

It’s nice to hop on a ferry and go on an adventure, especially now at summertime. At the same time you can possibly see many places in Helsinki you’ve never even heard of before.


Joel, Junior Web Developer

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can give you cultural perspective or even restructure the way you think. Potentially you’ll be able to communicate with billion people whom you couldn’t communicate with before. I’ve studied the basics of Spanish but I’m also interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, even though it’s grammatically intimidating.

Free Diving 50m Depth

When you focus on the present moment and calm yourself completely in order to prepare yourself for the dive, you might forget everything else in the world for a moment: especially all the hurries and conflicts. It’s almost like being back in the womb 😀

Panu, Junior Software Developer

Dungeons & Dragons Hero

This is a long-term achievement since we have sessions twice a month at the moment. It’s always nice to spend some time with friends. In order to get this achievement done, one needs to act also as the Dungeon Master and therefore getting this one done will take longer, but it’s also a more valuable achievement for that reason.

dungeons and dragons

Learn Kickflip

I want to get a hobby that requires spending time outdoors. A friend of mine is also going to learn to skate so learning the kickflip is a good and demanding enough goal for me.

Johanna, Content Producer

Learn Ollie

I didn’t set my skateboarding goals as high as Panu 😉 I love to cruise around the city with my board but I never learned any tricks. This summer I’m going to start with the Ollie!

The WONDERful Achiever

I’ve already seen Taj Mahal and the Great Wall and they were both absolutely stunning. So I still have 6 world wonders left before I’ll get the WONDERful Achiever’s title, but I’m totally going to get it!

Taj Mahal

Swim with Jellyfish

I’m not a big swimmer and normally I would stay far away of jellyfish, but the Jellyfish Lake on Palau is an exception! There you can swim with hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of jellyfish that do not harm you. According to the videos I’ve seen from there, the place is like a dream. So, I have to get there!

Were some of the achievements on our team’s bucket list something that you would also like to add on yours? You’ll find them and thousands of other achievements in Appchieve!

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